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Seven Signs your Chimney Flashing is Failing

The number one threat to your chimney system is water. Chimney flashing, along with chimney caps and professional waterproofing, is an important defense mechanism in the fight against moisture. In this month’s blog, the CCP-certified chimney professionals at Admiralty Chimney explain how chimney flashing works and share seven signs it might be failing.

What is Chimney Flashing?

Chimney flashing is a type of weather stripping that creates a watertight seal to protect your chimney and roof from water damage and penetration. Made out of vinyl, aluminum, copper, or steel, flashing is installed where your roof and chimney intersect. When chimney flashing is properly installed, it can last over 30 years—depending on where you live, the shape and size of your chimney, and the materials used. But poor installation, violent storms, or sealant deterioration can cause it to pull away from your roofing material, leading to a host of problems.

Signs of Deteriorating Chimney Flashing

Failing chimney flashing allows water to leak in and around the chimney, causing significant and costly damage to your roof, home, and even the chimney itself. If enough water penetrates your chimney, the brick and mortar joints will become brittle, compromising its entire structure. Be on the lookout for these signs of failing chimney flashing:

  1. Leaks from the inside or outside of the chimney

  2. Discolored bricks

  3. Rust stains

  4. Moisture stains on the interior ceilings or walls adjoining your chimney

  5. Musty smells coming from your chimney, especially after it rains

  6. Sounds of dripping water or puddling within your chimney

  7. Firebox condensation

If you observe any of these signs, contact your chimney professional to diagnose, repair, or replace the flashing. Replacements are needed if the flashing is missing, rusted, visibly separated from the chimney, or completely covered with roofing tar.


Replacing your roof? Be sure to install new chimney flashing as part of your new roofing system.


Inspection is your Best Detection

You can stay on top of your chimney’s overall wellbeing, including the health of your chimney flashing, with an annual chimney inspection. During the inspection, your CCP-certified technician will assess the state of your chimney system and make needed repairs before any concerns become costly.

Chimney Repairs, Installation, and Cleaning in NH and MA

As hearty New Englanders, we understand that our climate delivers year-round moisture. If you’re seeing signs of chimney flashing issues, don’t delay. Contact our CCP-certified chimney experts to inspect your chimney flashing and repair it before it brings problematic leaks to your doorstep.

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