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Expert Chimney Cap Installation Service in Nashua, NH

Chimney caps are an excellent way to protect your chimney from damage. They can also protect your family from chimney and roof fires. A chimney cap is a stainless steel device fitted to the top of a chimney to improve airflow. At Admiralty Chimney, we recommend that homeowners have a chimney cap installed because of their many benefits.

  • Preventing moisture from damaging your chimney

  • Keeping trash and other debris from entering your chimney

  • Preventing animals from entering your chimney

  • Containing chimney sparks that can cause roof fires

Chimney with siding and cap
House chimney on lake
Chimney with copper cap

Chimney Cap Pricing

Chimney caps CAN NOT be accurately quoted over the phone.

We will come to your home, take measurements to insure you get the correct cap sizing and make some determinations to tell you what the cost of the cap will be and quote you for the labor involved.

Custom chimney cap orders are common, and prices vary based on measurements and material chosen.

All chimney caps and installations are guaranteed for life.

Our Chimney Cap Work


The Chimney Cap Answers You Need

We highly recommend that every chimney be fitted with a chimney cap – for several reasons:


  1. Chimney caps stop water from entering the chimney liner or flue by directing it away from the center and off the sides of a chimney.

  2. Chimney caps will keep debris such as leaves, twigs, and trash floating through the air out of your chimney.

  3. Chimney caps should be installed on your chimney to increase the draft – and therefore the efficiency – of your chimney.

  4. Chimney caps will also keep birds and animals out of your chimney.

There is no better investment in preventative maintenance for your chimney system than to cap it.

Would you ever leave anything of value to you exposed to the elements? Eventually, it would become damaged, ruined, and non-functional. The same is true for your chimney and its integrated appliances.

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing your cap:


  • Do you need individual flue chimney caps?

  • Would a multi-flue chimney cap suit your needs better?

  • Would you prefer a metal other than stainless steel, such as copper?

  • If your home has a chase box covering your chimney, do you have a chase cover?

Chimney Caps
A chimney cap seals off the flue system to prevent birds, animals, and debris from getting into the chimney. A cap is attached directly to the brick of masonry chimneys.

Chase Cover

A chase cover is a metal piece that fits over the chimney chase on chimneys with metal, vinyl, or wood siding to prevent water from entering the chimney.

The #1 issues that you WILL encounter when you don’t have a chimney cap on your chimney are moisture damaging the bricks, eroding mortar joints, unwelcome odors, and damaged metal fireboxes and dampers.

Animals love to build nests in chimneys. Squirrels and raccoons can crawl down and live in your fireplace and frequently get into the house and cause damage. Birds build nests during the spring and summer.

Sparks can ignite the roof when trees are close and are shedding their leaves or needles.

Caps also help your fire burn more effectively by alleviating many drafting problems.

The wind will enhance your chimney’s drafting properties by blowing across the top of the capped flue. Without a cap, the wind will blow down an open chimney flue and billow smoke into the house.

We have replaced many inexpensive store-bought chimney caps with stainless steel caps. Admiralty Chimney uses only stainless steel and copper caps with lifetime warranties for long-lasting quality.

Why Choose Admiralty Chimney

  • We treat every project with pride, as though we were servicing our own home.

  • We strive to establish long-term relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations - each and every time.

  • We build trust through exceptional service and performance based on our extensive knowledge, experience, and integrity of every member of our team.

  • We serve your family and our community with pride.

  • We honor God in all we do.

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John and his coworkers are always on time, efficient, polite, and friendly. And the house is clean when they are done. Very impressive and responsive local business.

Absolutely fantastic experience. Everyone was so helpful and friendly, from the office taking calls and answering questions to the crew. I will use Admiralty for all inspections and any future work.

I would never hire anyone else. Extremely professional and knowledgable. Definitely trust and recommend their services.

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