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Chimney masonry repair

Professional Chimney Masonry Restoration & Repair Services in Nashua, NH

Chimney masonry is made up of rugged outer layers of bricks and mortar. While the masonry protects the chimney’s internal workings, it is constantly exposed to elements and moisture that can eat away at it over time. At Admiralty, we specialize in repairing and restoring chimney masonry to its original beauty and functionality.

  • Replacing cracked or damaged brickwork

  • Realigning warped or crooked chimneys

  • Restoring chimney masonry with quality materials

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Frequently Asked Masonry Repair Questions

It is water – not fire – that causes most chimney damage!

Rain and the resulting acid residue eat away at the composites, causing severe structural damage.

Loose bricks, corrosion of mortar joints, and rust are symptoms of advanced deterioration.

More often than not, chimney damage begins with a single crack, usually in the masonry crown at the very top. Once cracked, it is only a matter of time before the entire chimney requires restoration or complete rebuilding, usually from the roofline up.

Once water gets inside (absorbed in) the tile or ceramic chimney shell, it stays there. When it freezes, the cracks multiply and the bricks and mortar loosen.

If gases venting from an appliance mix with moisture, the mortar will corrode (turn to dust) and eventually disappear.

Many chimneys need to be restored because there is no mortar left in the joints. If the process is caught in its early stages, major repairs can be avoided by sealing the crown with either cement or crown seal.

The fact is, nothing lasts forever. This certainly holds true with regard to masonry chimneys. There are many factors that determine the life span of a chimney. Some 50 year-old chimneys are in better condition than some that are only five years old.

Most homeowners do not think about their chimney until an obvious problem occurs, and by that time, the damage is so extensive that the cost of repair sounds criminal. The most important part of our job, therefore, becomes conveying to our customers the importance of a healthy chimney system, and the subsequent, unnecessary risk to life and property.

Scheduling Estimates and Repairs

Masonry work needs to be done when the temperature is consistently above 40° both day and night. We stop around late November depending on the weather and resume again around early March.

We can offer you masonry estimates year round. We can either leave you with the estimate and give you a call in the spring or if you are satisfied with the estimate that you are given and you would like to proceed then we will get you on the calendar right away for an agreed upon date in the spring. This is your best bet if you really plan to have the work done as you are guaranteed the dates that YOU pick (weather permitting at all times).

Admiralty Chimney Service is a year-round, full service company. If necessary, we will restore your chimney brick by brick to ensure your safety and the value of your home.

Do not wait until the home inspector tells you your chimney needs to be torn down and rebuilt to have us maintain your system.

Our Masonry Restoration Work

Why Choose Admiralty Chimney

  • We treat every project with pride, as though we were servicing our own home.

  • We strive to establish long-term relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations - each and every time.

  • We build trust through exceptional service and performance based on our extensive knowledge, experience, and integrity of every member of our team.

  • We serve your family and our community with pride.

  • We honor God in all we do.

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John and his coworkers are always on time, efficient, polite, and friendly. And the house is clean when they are done. Very impressive and responsive local business.

Absolutely fantastic experience. Everyone was so helpful and friendly, from the office taking calls and answering questions to the crew. I will use Admiralty for all inspections and any future work.

I would never hire anyone else. Extremely professional and knowledgable. Definitely trust and recommend their services.

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