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Prepare your Fireplace for the Next Burning Season: 4 Steps

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Spring is just around the corner. While you’re still savoring those cozy fires, there are steps you can take now to get your fireplace and chimney ready for the next burning season. Beginning maintenance early will ensure your system is safe and ready to use when summer ends and the chilly air returns. Here are four ways you can prepare for next fall.

1. Schedule a chimney check-up.

After a winter’s worth of fires and harsh weather conditions, your chimney needs a thorough check to be sure it can safely operate next season. It’s a little known secret that spring is the best time to schedule a chimney cleaning and inspection. As an early bird, you can beat the fall and winter rush and allow ample time for any repairs to be completed.

A cleaning with a CCP-certified chimney sweep will remove harmful byproducts that coat the liner. If left uncleaned, debris build-up can cause an unsafe obstruction and produce an ugly smell when mixed with summer humidity. A professional chimney inspection will identify problems that you may have been unaware of, such as cracks, debris or blockage.

Pro Tip: During your appointment, tell your technician about any changes you have observed with your fireplace or chimney, such as an odd smell or a new draft. They will take a closer look and suggest the right service or repair, if needed.

2. Check your chimney’s exterior surface.

Early spring is an excellent time to inspect the outside of your chimney structure for cracks and crumbling masonry or brick. Cracks can allow water to seep in and cause damage. If you spot a problem, contact your CCP-certified chimney specialist for a consultation and if needed, schedule repairs in the summer - the perfect time of year for masonry work.

3. Examine your chimney’s interior components.

Make sure your damper opens and closes completely. Over time, these units begin to wear and need replacing. If it doesn’t work properly, contact a chimney specialist for a replacement. Also, be sure your firebox is free of cracks and rust. These signs can lead to a serious problem and require a consultation with a chimney professional.

4. Remember to secure your firewood.

Finally, line up your wood supply. The best time to collect and season your firewood is early spring so it’s ready for winter use. Other benefits include:

  1. Lower prices and increased availability: Buying now instead of waiting for cold weather to buy your firewood will save you money.

  2. Ample time for seasoning: If you want your firewood ready for the cool days of fall, now is the time to collect and store it on firewood racks so it can properly season.

  3. Elimination of insects: Insects living under the bark are dormant in early spring. When you store firewood in the spring for use next fall or winter, any insects will likely die before you bring the wood into your home.

Chimney Cleaning, Maintenance, Repair, and Inspection in NH and MA

The safety of your home and family can depend upon the condition of your fireplace and chimney. With proper service and maintenance, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you’re ready for a fire when the cold weather returns. Contact our CCP-certified chimney specialists today to schedule your springtime appointment.

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