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Now is the Time to Repair Your Chimney Masonry

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for masonry repair. Warm spring and summer days allow mortar to properly cure. So if you are in need of chimney repairs, now is the time to do it! Schedule your work this summer so you’ll have peace of mind knowing your system will be safe and ready to use when those frosty fall evenings begin.

Common Chimney Masonry Problems

Wear and tear on your masonry can compromise your chimney’s structural integrity and performance. Although your chimney is built to withstand year after year of exposure to tough conditions, any number of problems can occur that may require masonry repair or restoration. Here are some of the most common masonry problems:


Cracks and crevices in your masonry can occur from moisture penetrating the masonry or from the shifting and settling of your chimney. This can cause leaks that not only infiltrate your chimney and fireplace, but also your attic and ceiling, causing costly damage.


When bricks begin to flake, crumble, or fall from your masonry, it’s called spalling. As water enters the masonry and weakens it through a cycle of freezing and thawing, it loosens the mortar around the brick and pushes the brick out in pieces. Spalling creates gaps in the masonry that compromise your chimney’s structural integrity.

Mold and Algae Growth

Moisture and dirt that are trapped in the masonry create the perfect environment for mold and algae growth. Both thrive on moist conditions with little or no air circulation – such as inside cracks of your chimney’s masonry. A CCP-certified chimney expert can identify if the growth of these contaminants originates from moisture within your masonry.


Staining is almost always the result of water damage. Water traveling through the masonry is visible from the exterior as a dark stain. If your chimney looks wet, contact us for an inspection, as masonry staining could indicate there is structural water damage within your system.

Prevent Masonry Issues with Annual Inspections

Most masonry issues can be prevented with regularly scheduled appointments with a chimney professional. We recommend cleanings and annual chimney inspections with our chimney technicians to help you monitor and identify any potential problems before they cause serious damage.

Chimney Masonry Repair, Inspections, Cleaning, and Service in NH and MA

If you need masonry repair work done or have questions about your chimney masonry, contact Admiralty Chimney to schedule an appointment. Our CCP-certified chimney team can assist you with all of your chimney masonry needs.

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