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No Vacancy: Three Strategies to Keep Critters from Nesting in your Chimney

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Small animals scurrying around your yard is a welcome sign of spring – until those critters make their way into your chimney.mneys provide a warm place that’s protected from rain and predators, making it an ideal space for nesting. But nests can cause costly damage to the inside of your chimney and lead to chimney fires or carbon monoxide poisoning. Admiralty Chimney’s CCP-certified chimney specialists recommend three ways to keep your chimney free of animals.

1. Install a chimney cap.

This is the most effective tool to keep birds and small animals out of your flue. A chimney cap, installed by a professional chimney company, should include mesh screening with holes that are small enough to keep out animals. Chimney caps also keep leaves and other outside debris from filtering into your chimney. Additionally, caps protect your chimney from rain water, melted ice and snow, and help keep hot sparks and embers from escaping and starting a fire.

2. Consider using a top-sealing damper.

Most dampers today are known as “throat” dampers, located just above the fireplace. Top-sealing dampers are installed closer to the top of the flue, allowing it to seal the chimney at the top. This leaves no space for animals to build nests if the damper remains closed. Top-sealing dampers also add an extra layer of protection against moisture, help prevent downdrafts, and reduce the risk of fires.

3. Trim the trees close to your roof and chimney.

Trees that hang near or over your chimney can give animals direct access into your flue. Cutting back branches from the chimney and the rest of the roof can make it more difficult for animals to gain access. This, combined with additional deterrents like chimney caps, can help keep animals from blocking your chimney system.

Now that you know your options, contact us to schedule an inspection. We will check the structural integrity of your chimney, look for signs of existing animal activity, and set a time to install a cap or damper.

Chimney Cap Installation, Chimney Inspection, Service, and Repair in NH and MA

Unwelcome critters can compromise the safety and efficiency of your chimney. Contact Admiralty Chimney’s CCP-certified chimney technicians to discuss the best methods to keep your chimney critter-free.

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