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How did your Chimney do this Winter?

Spring is the perfect time to see how your chimney fared from harsh winter weather conditions. The effects of snow, wind, an d ice can wreak havoc on chimneys. Even a small crack can allow water to leak inside, causing damage to your system. We recommend giving your chimney a good once-over every spring to avoid the surprise of costly repairs.

Schedule a professional inspection.

Booking an appointment with a CCP-certified chimney specialist gives you peace of mind knowing you’ll receive an expert assessment of the structure and operation of your system. During the inspection, your chimney technician will check the entire system, including those hard-to-reach components, such as the flashing, crown, and cap, looking for signs of wear and tear. They’ll also remove creosote buildup leftover from the winter season.

Look for signs of chimney wear and damage.

While you’re out and about in your yard, take a good look at your chimney’s exterior, noting any changes in the bricks or structure. Pay close attention to:

  • Crumbling or Chipped Bricks at the Base Bricks are porous and susceptible to moisture. The presence of a white, chalky stain, known as efflorescence, means excessive moisture has penetrated your masonry. Contact a chimney professional for further inspection, as moisture can quickly deteriorate your bricks.

  • Surface Cracks in the Bricks and Mortar Inspect the exterior of your chimney structure for cracks. Even a small breach can allow water to seep in, causing bricks to crumble, break apart, or spall—weakening the structure of your chimney. Large cracks could mean your chimney is seriously compromised and needs professional help right away.

Chimney Inspection, Cleaning, Service, and Repair in NH and MA

For over twenty years, homeowners like you have trusted Admiralty Chimney’s team of CCP-certifield chimney professionals. We have the skills, expertise, and customer service to maintain and care for all of your chimney needs. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule an appointment.

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