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Five Chimney Cleaning Myths Debunked

When you’ve been taking care of chimneys for as long as we have, you tend to hear a myth or two about cleaning them. But when it comes to the safety and integrity of your chimney system, it’s important to not get swept away by common misconceptions. In this month’s blog, our CCP-certified chimney specialists dispel five prevailing chimney cleaning myths.

Myth #1: Cleaning logs clean my chimney.

While cleaning logs reduce and loosen creosote build up, they do not fully eliminate the debris from your chimney. Only a trained chimney sweep can completely remove the creosote while also checking for cracks, chips, weaknesses, or problems within the actual fireplace or parts of the flue.

Myth #2: Burning orange peels can clean my chimney.

Orange oil is a common cleaner that can cut through dirt and grease, which is why some homeowners believe it can also clean out their chimney. However, burning orange peels in your fireplace has no cleaning effect on your chimney whatsoever. It will just leave behind orange-scented smoke that does absolutely nothing.

Myth #3: I never use my fireplace so I don’t need a cleaning.

Not all chimney system problems are caused by fireplace use. Masonry can deteriorate over time, moisture can infiltrate the mortar, and birds can build nests, blocking the flue. A chimney cleaning and inspection will allow you to identify any issues before they become larger, costlier problems.

Myth #4: I can clean my chimney myself.

A quick Google search will tell you with 56 million hits that you can – but it doesn’t mean you should. This is one of those jobs that’s best left to a trained professional. A proper chimney cleaning requires specific training, tools, and equipment to effectively clean and dispose of the creosote. An experienced professional can not only safely remove toxic creosote, but has a trained eye to identify any potential structural problems with your chimney.


The National Fire Protection Association recommends cleaning and inspecting your chimney annually. Don’t delay! Schedule your cleaning and inspection with Admiralty Chimney before the fall chill hits the air.


Myth #5: I have a metal liner so I don’t need a chimney cleaning.

Regardless of the type of liner you have, creosote and soot can build up in your chimney, and need to be cleaned out on a regular basis. Keep in mind also that most metal liner companies require regular professional maintenance and inspection for their warranties to be honored.

Chimney Cleaning, Inspection, Repair, and Maintenance in NH and MA

No matter how often you use your fireplace, regular professional maintenance is important to keep it in safe operating condition. Contact us today to schedule your chimney cleaning and inspection.

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