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Chimney Liners Deliver Fireplace Safety to your Home

A chimney liner might seem like a “nice to do,” instead of a “have to do” for your chimney system. After all, it’s hidden, undetectable, and deep inside the chimney structure, how important can it be? It’s actually an essential safety component for your chimney, and here’s why.

The Role of a Chimney Liner

Chimney liners are a protective barrier that act as a conduit inside your chimney. The liner is a sealed unit from bottom to top to ensure smoke, creosote, and carbon dioxide from burning fuels are forced outside your home without contacting the actual chimney structure. Made of metal or ceramic, liners also:

  • Protect your home from accidental fires by absorbing high temperatures, and keeping the heat inside the chimney from reaching the combustible material outside it.

  • Prevent chimney masonry from forming cracks or crumbling mortar due to repeated heating and cooling.

  • Defend your masonry from corrosive substances, as liners are more resilient than typical brick and mortar.

  • Stop hot embers from igniting flammable areas of your home’s structure.

Because of their location in the heart of your chimney, annual inspections are essential in tracking the condition of your liner. A damaged liner can leave your home susceptible to serious dangers such as carbon monoxide poisoning or house fires. A CCP-certified chimney professional can monitor the integrity of your chimney, checking for small cracks or breaches and other signs it might need to be repaired or replaced.

Benefits of a Chimney Liner

Chimney liners not only deliver added insurance to keep your chimney system operating safely, they also provide other benefits such as:

  • Increasing your home energy efficiency by reducing the downdrafts that can come through when there is no fire in the hearth.

  • Enhancing air flow and providing improved heat retention for a more energy-efficient chimney.

  • Providing proper ventilation to help reduce the amount of creosote that forms inside your chimney.

  • Preventing water moisture from becoming trapped inside your chimney.

  • Maintaining good standing with building and fire code standards and homeowner’s policies.

Chimney Liners, Installation, Service and Repair in NH and MA

Looking for a new or replacement chimney liner, contact our CCP-certified chimney professionals for a no-obligation quote. Customers have trusted us with their chimney needs for over twenty years. We can help you find a liner that is right for your chimney and home.

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