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Chimney Leaks: Symptoms and Solutions

Rain showers, thunderstorms, and snow can lead to a leaky chimney. Even chimneys without previous problems can develop leaks in as little as one season. By understanding the warning signs of a water leak, you can prevent significant chimney damage. In this month’s blog, the CCP-certified specialists at Admiralty Chimney share key information on the symptoms of–and solutions for–a chimney leak. Here’s what you need to know.

Identifying a Chimney Leak

Homeowners often assume that all leaky chimneys present themselves as water in the fireplace–when there are many different signs, such as:

  • Audible or visible evidence of dripping water in the chimney.

  • Dampness or water staining on walls or ceilings near the fireplace or chimney.

  • Musty or mildew-type odors emanating from the fireplace.

  • Cracked or spalled interior or exterior masonry.

  • Rust or white chalk-like stains (efflorescence) on the exterior chimney masonry.

  • Leaks in other areas of your home.


Did you know? When water enters your chimney, it can move through your walls, floors, and ceilings.

It collects at a low point where it forms a leak, causing damage to those areas of your home.


Contacting a Chimney Professional

If you suspect a leak, contact a CCP-certified chimney specialist immediately. Time is of the essence. Water is villianous, destroying the integrity of your chimney from the inside out. An experienced chimney technician can source the location, determine the cause, and get it repaired before further damage occurs.

Preventing Chimney Leaks

The best way to prevent a chimney leak is by following a professional maintenanceprogram for your fireplace and chimney. Annual chimney sweepings and inspections give your technician the opportunity to identify any changes or damage to your chimney or masonry so it can be repaired before it leads to a leak. They may also recommend additional techniques to prevent water from entering your chimney, such as waterproofing your masonry and installing or repairing a chimney cap, chase cover, crown, or flashing.

Chimney Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair in NH and MA

If you are concerned about water damage to your chimney or have noticed a change in its functionality or structure, contact our CCP-certified chimney professionals. We can work with you to customize a solution that meets the safety and operational needs of your chimney and fireplace.

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